How can I open a page in a new tab or new window?

In the datagrid, when I click edit button(or double click) to open the detail page, it will directly open in the current tab.   My question is: How can I open a page in a new tab?
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Try the URL Redirector widget –  It can open a URL in a new tab.

When clicking a button in the datagrid, you would:

  • call a microflow that opens a small popup page
  • on the popup page, you will have an entity with an attribute containing the url you want to open
  • this will redirect to a new tab that opens the URL you specified

I am not sure if it will open multiple tabs (for different applications), you’ll need to test that out.

Hope that helps,



Hi Farley,

I never faced this requirement before but I think you will need to use the “Deeplink” module .

In your main page you will have to use a html snippet to put some script that will open and send some data related to the record to a new tab with target = _blank  , then the in the deeplink you should handle the request.

Maybe there is a widget that helps you in the redirect in the appsotre.