Send ZipFile downloaded from REST straight to browser

Hi, I have a webservice that creates a stream of a zip file into a Response and then returns it as a document.  this allows a ZIP file to be generated and the browser to start downloading it straight away.  This works fine if I call the WebService directly from a webpage.  I would like to use this from within a Mendix App.  I have a REST call activity that is calling the WebService and I am getting the file back ok, but I can’t seem to either have it start downloading straight away in the browser, or even when the reset call has finished.  I have some c# code available if that helps.  I’ve tried putting it into a HTTPRepsonse header in mendix, but this doesnt force the download to start.   Thanks
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One way would be to create a custom requesthandler, where you call the webservice and feed the webservice response into the requesthandlers response. 
In the blog below they have an example where they use a JSON string instead of a webservice. Note that this example does not contain any security check.