Data Grid - Column Events

It seems that columns in data  grid views are not equivalent to input widgets in forms in that microflows cannot be associated to on-change events in data grid views (there are no event handlers). Yet, editable columns are allowed in data grid views. If there are event-driven business rules for attributes, then I think those rules need to be accessible wherever an attribute is maintained, be it in a data grid or a form. The only workaround I see is to write a before commit microflow that catches this problem (for data edited in a data grid), but then there is inconsistent behavior in the app. In my case, I am trying to standardize string input (i.e. make it all caps, delete any punctuation) and then redisplay the standardized value. I can do this in any form, but not in a data grid...:>(
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you are correct.  Event handlers are one approach to this.  Another approach would be to use a ListView styled like a data grid.  May not be an option for you (depending on what other datagrid capabilities you need), but I have used this approach in the past.