Parent - Child page: 1:M vs M:M

Hi I’ve implemented a tabbed parent-child page, with some tabs referencing a 1:M association (FK) and others with a M:M association (table). Parent – Organization Tab 1 – Addresses (M:M) Tab 2 – documents (1:M)   Issues Summary Data grid M:M seems to fully support all buttons, whereas 1:M does not support all buttons. Double-click on a data grid based on M:M links to edit page, whereas data grid based on 1:M does not. Is there any reason for this or am I missing sth (quite possible – just started using Mx)?   M:M Associations Works fine: - search, new, edit and delete buttons are automatically added. 1:M Associations Seems to be limited: - I have created all buttons manually and search cannot be added. Thanks in advance!
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Looking at your screens I’d say that your problem is probably not the relationship type.

For your 1-M relationship you are retrieving objects via association. Association data sources do not support search functionality, if you were to use a database datasource like on your first screen search should be enabled. 

Hope this helps.