Data Grid - Switch Widget

It seems that the data grid is the only template that supports true columnar formatting (lists). However, it also seems that the data grid doesn’t support widgets (e.g. boolean switch widget). Is there any way around this? Candidly, it looks a bit odd to have a yes/no value in a data grid and a widget in a popup form...
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You could use a list view to create a list with columns. It works the same as using a data view, the difference that it puts all objects in a list. It enables you to create your own list with colums while you can use widgets like the boolean switch.


See also the documentation:


You can use a template grid and make it look like a datagrid by using a table inside of it, and then add whatever widget you want inside the table columns. Set the number of columns to one and the number of rows to 20 or higher. Then add your table inside of it with the class “table-spaceless”. Then you can add another table on top of the template grid and give it the classes “table-spaceless” and “table-header” for the column names. 


If you want the column names to be below the search bar then you can use the method described in this post.



Hope this helps!