Modeler stop working really often

Hi,  We’re using the modeler for more than 8 months now, different versions from 7.16 to 7.22.2 in many different projects, with a team of more than 15 persons working on it. Each version encountered the very same problem. unexpectedly and sometimes many times in a row, the modeler stop working, causing lost of unsave work and many troubles. This happens either when one one project is running or many, using version 7.16.0, 7.18.1, 7.19, 7.22.2 Is there any issues, any solution, any Work in Progress to fix this? Thanks,
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Update after seeing the stacktrace in the comment:

That is indeed the issue that Ronald Catersels meant and that we fixed in 7.23.2.

Perhaps you can work around the problem in older versions by disconnecting the debugger if you are not using it. See the "Disconnect" button in the "Debugger" dockable window. 

Previous answer:

Hello Yorann,

We are not aware of any issues like this. Can you reproduce the problem? If you have a number of steps to take to make the Modeler crash, we would like to see them.

Are we talking about a hard crash where the Modeler disappears? If so, it might be useful to look in the ‘Event Viewer’ application of Windows right after such a crash happens. In Windows Logs > Application, you will see an error and it might include a stacktrace that helps us diagnose the problem. See the screenshot for an example.

Our goal is a Modeler that never crashes so I hope we can resolve this issue together.



If have created a ticket for this a while back (76990). It has been fixed since 7.23.2. Since that version the modeler just vanishing has not occured anymore.





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