Make a field value from a list page display in the new page when user presses New button

  in the screen below, i have a record that defines a workout activity (alias activity inventory) The workout activity can have 1 to n images The data view list works fine to show the list of images related to the activity. When the user wants to add another image, they click the NEW button The popup window displays and allows the user to enter a new image.   The only problem is the workout activity is not carried forward from the list page to the popup page. Is there a way to make the popup page display the workout activity automatically        
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What i can tell from your screenshot is that your pop-up display the image entity with some values that belong to this entity.

If you want to show some values from the workout entity as well you can do this in a couple of ways:

  1. Add a dataview in the pop-up over the association between the workout entity and your image entity. Then add the fields you would like to show in this dataview
  2. Just add some fields and fill them over the association between the workout entity and your image entity to the attributes you would like to show

I have created the following solution:

When user wants to add a new workout inventory item, he goes into the Workout inventory items page 

Clicks on the ADD button that triggers a microflow that will create the object and open the page below 


The user presses check mark to include images related to the workout item.

Which will invoke a nanoflow which will in turn trigger the images page