How do you show/hide a container based on a variable or button click?

I’m fairly new to Mendix so I’m sure this is just part of my learning curve.. Use Case: The user sees 2 buttons on a page (B1 and B2). There are also 2 containers (C1 and C2). Container C1 is visible and C2 is hidden. The user clicks on B2. C1 is hidden and C2 becomes visible. The user clicks on B1. C2 is hidden and C1 becomes visible.   I’ve tried creating a variable in a nano-flow. I figured I need to toggle the state of the variable on a button click and use that to control the UI visibility state. How do you do this? It seems such a simple thing to want to do but I can’t figure out how to do it. I’m a seasoned Angular 5/Ionic developer and so I know how it should work, but can’t figure out the Mendix equivalent. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Steve
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Hi Steve, you can add an attirbute to the entity that is shown used the page.

Then you can change the value of this attirbute in your nanoflow and base the visibility on this.