Two Mendix applications, shared menu structure

We are building a large solution using Mendix. I would like to go the microservices route where each microservice (Mendix application) is responsible for its own piece of functionality. However, I do not want the user to explicitly switch between applications. Ideally, a user clicks yet on a different menu item and seamlessly navigates from one microservice to another. Is this possible? Can somebody share experience doing it?
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This can be achieved by implementing SSO on your microservice applications together with deeplinks to navigate to specific parts of each application. So you WILL in fact navigate to other apps. But if you style your apps properly  the user will not know he's actually working in a very different application.

You could have the same navigation structure in each of your microservice apps. But this would mean you'd have to update all apps if your navigation items change. You could also implement a (or multiple) ‘viewer' application which is strictly for navigating through initial data/screens and to deeplink to other specific microservices in your landscape.

Just make sure to think about your data consistency though. Because each microservice would most likely need a similar set of initial data to work with and probably sync with other microservices to keep everything up to date.