43 idea coming straight from the Idea forum can only find 5

what am i missing? Johan states in this video that 43 ideas from the Idea forum have been implemented into mendix during 2018. when i go to the idea forum and sort on newest and implemented I see about 5 Is there a list of "delighters” in docs somewhere? Is there a miscommunication? Am I not filtering the forum right? What's going on? I'm confused.
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Hi Jason,

I don’t know how Johan got his numbers, but I do know that not every delighter is based on an idea from the idea forum. For example, if I look at the release notes of 7.13.0 (https://docs.mendix.com/releasenotes/studio-pro/7.13), I see many improvements which aim to delight our users. Seven of those have a link to the idea forum, but there are many more.

There is no separate list of delighters; the release notes are where you find all the improvements to Studio Pro (a.k.a. the Modeler in 2018).

Update: it could also be that our product managers have not marked all implemented ideas as implemented...