how to make picture refresh it self after uploading it

within my edit page, I have the following       When running the page, I click on the browse button to upload a new image.  After selecting the image, and back on this page, the image is now refreshed until I click the save button. Please advise. Daniel  
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Hi Daniel,

You need to refresh the image object. You can add a button (label it “Upload”) that calls a microflow with a change object activity that refreshes the image object. Or you can open a pop-up on the event of clicking the photo, and place the image uploader (the “Browse” button) in the pop-up instead of the profile/user page, that way the save button in the pop-up will refresh the image and close the pop-up.



I have the following container that includes the browse button

I cannot associate the clicking of the button browse to a work flow

Please advise.