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I want to be able to have the capability to have a data grid pop up to help someone know different options to enter into an editable textbox if they dont know what to enter, and be able to just click on the object in the data grid and have that object fill into the text box.  Is this possible?
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To build on Miroslav’s post:

  • no it wouldn’t matter if its a different entity.  In that case, your microflow would take 2 parameters (the enclosing entity and the grid entity) and you could set an attribute value in the enclosing entity using the corresponding value of the grid entity
  • If you want the user to just have to click, set your grid to No Selection and a Single Click to activate the default button.  Then set your microflow button (in the grid control bar) as the default button.

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your microflow would need:

  • A Change action for your Enclosing Entity.  Set the value of an attribute on the entity to the value of an attribute on the Lookup Entity.
  • A Close Page action (if you want to close the page when a user clicks on a grid object)

that’s it, I think.


Some pictures would help – I think.

Domain Model



Tab to enter lookup values

Tab to Maintain Target Entities

Target Entity Edit page

Note:  SetSomeString button calls the microflow above and is set as Default Button, Datagrid properties set to No Selection and Single Click for Default button

A video showing this in action:




You create a new page with popup template. Create outer DataView passing the object from the calling page. Inside the DataView add the DataGrid. Add select button to the DataGrid. Associate microflow with the button to associated selected value with the DataView object. Make sure when you update the object from DataView you do not commit, but refresh in client.