Differentiate between objects in a List View

I want to be able to better differentiate between different objects in a list view, whats the best way you have found to do this?  *edit* adding more info I have an app that displays different objects in a list view, and currently where one object ends and the next one begins is hard to differentiate.  The background is the same and the only way to tell currently is by knowing what the first attribute in the list is.  Is there styling i can add that would help so you dont have to look at the attributes to tell when a new object has started?
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The easiest solution might be to add a container to your listview and apply the “card” class. Now you can put everything in this “card”. But if it looks nice depends on your usecase. Styling can be how you want it to be. You need an idea on what you want to achieve.


Perhaps you can try one of the listview classes listed here