DataGrid Visibility via a button

I want a datagrid to only be visible by clicking a button on a page that is currently a pop up (the page).  The reason for this is because its not possible to have a microflow close two pop ups at once so I need to have my data grid that used to be on a second pop up be an option on the first pop up that is only visible when you click a button on the page.  Basically like the current functionality of the search button on a data grid when it is enabled where you click the search button and all of the search fields pop up, but when you click the button again it hides those options.  How would i go about this?
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  • Enclose the datagrid in a dataview of another entity
  • Add a boolean attribute called Visible to the enclosing entity
  • Create a microflow (or nanoflow) that toggles the value of Visible
  • Call the microflow from a button on your page
  • Set the nested datagrid visibility based on your boolean attribute.

Hope that helps,