Input Textbox - Number StepUp implementation

Hi All,   Good Day! I am working on an implementation where the textbox widget for a Integer type attribute should have a StepUp function like in the attached image below, is it possible to somehow to implement this?   Appreciate your inputs, thanks.
2 answers

You could easily do this your self!  Just creat an integer attribute and show this on a page.

Behind it create two microflow buttons:

  1. MF Count up > change the object > integer attribute + 1
  2. MF count down > change the object > integer attribute – 1(maybe check if the -1 gets bellow 0)


Then style the buttons a bit to your liking


I would also follow Maarten his example but instead of microflows use nano flows this keeps the interaction on the client side.

If you feel up to it you could also create a widget that supports this. Given this is default HTML functionality after all.