Language option not on the list

Greetings In the languages configuration in the Modeler, you can add a new language to your app by selecting from a rather long list. My problem is that as long as this list is, it does not have the language that I require. I don’t need the system to do a translation for me, I just need to set the heading correctly as it were so that we can do our own translations internally. What is the process for getting a language added there? Do I need to contact Mendix and make a request ticket or is this something I can do myself in some configuration somewhere? Even just using a different language and just changing its description somewhere would work. Regards Hannes van Niekerk
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You need to file a support request. In Mx7.19 some other languages where also added so it can be done. It might take a while do before the language is added. I am curious though which one you would like to add.