creating login page for diiferent user

I am working on journal app where differenet user will enter his daily learning in the form. i am able to do this  but now my problem is i want to maintain a session for every other user. lets say tom logins  he will see his day journals entry. if jerry logins he/she will see his day journals entry. Ps:i am not talking about user ROLES like demo-user and demo-adminstrator example: tom Logins– tom enters data-can see his own data – tom logout then  jerry  logins -jerry enters data-can see his own data – jerry logouts. Please tell me how i can maintain this whole session /scenario for every user? thank you    
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Hi Shardda,

I think you want to associate the data of the different users to the Account entity in your model. This way, when a user logs in to your app, you can retrieve the journal data the moment a user triggers the default homepage flow.