UI Issues after upgrading from Mendix 8 Beta 2 to Beta 3

Hi all, I built an app with Studio Pro 8 Beta 2 a few weeks ago, but when I upgraded to Beta 3 my UI got very strange…    Here’s what one of my pages looked like in Beta 2: Now the same page shows me just the navigation links, and then I need to scroll down about a page and a half to see the content --- and the content itself is rendered differently: and if I resize my browser window, the content seems to disappear and the page gets a lot longer… Any ideas or suggestions on what I can do to fix it?    Thanks!!!
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If you will look to console you will see probably two errors - both that case files are missing.

Solution: go to App Store from Mendix (cart icon from right too) and download "Atlas UI Resources" and replace it in your app.