What are some common UX problems you often run into?

I am currently working on some resources to share with the community. What are some common UX problems you often run into? What are things that would help solve those problems?
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Something that I really wish to have is a self refreshing dataview to be able to build self refreshing dashboards, showing real time information. At the moment, this is only pissible by using a template grid like it should not be used or by using some individuall code. A out of the box solution would be awesome.


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A far more intuitive standard search, filter and sort UI. New users always get lost and there are so many better alternatives.


Absolutely no themes, the all look the same, every time I end up having to make a theme from scratch. Coupled with the insane compile and deployment times, it’s gone so far that its stock standard for me to have a built in theme switcher and manipulation interface in every project at runtime because of the creeping ui glitches.


Since we're talking about User experience and the challenges that come with it, these are by far the most common User experience issues experienced by me while using the Mendix platform.

First issues experience by me and clients while using the end-product then user experience issues involving the modeler.

User experience challenges for App users:

- The loading of screens built with more complex data filling them and the required view structures. Mendix screens get too complex pretty fast introducing the experience of slow loading times.

- Real time shared data. A list of data that is shared among co-workers or a real time dashboard.

- Editing of back-end configuration while app-users are running microflows that use that same configuration. Allowing for breaking the configuration temporarily while still maintaining a running version for clients. Making that monkey proof.

- Handling responsiveness, switching and restructuring screen designs based on the device screen sizes. Swapping out screen components, things that would first be a selectable listview changing to a reference selector setting the editable dataview contents.

- Making the front end feel modern with animations and transition effects.

- Creating navigation structures that make sense and reflect where you're in the application. Keeping the selected/active state on the navigation item, often becomes an issue when the navigation is actually based on configurations or non-menu / navigation components but instead uses list views or buttons.

- Bread crumbs or back button behavior, rollback behavior as expected when in the transition a microflow was triggered and having to restore a previous state.

- Using reference set selectors and constraining them on non-committed objects.

- Making reference set selectors not look like shit.

- A/B testing of UI components or just application usability analysis in general.

- Achieving visual consistency across all places, template grids, grids, listviews, reference selectors, inputs with and without labels, lining them out all the same. 

- Multi-lingual feedback messages

Could probably continue this list for quite a while…

Biggest frustration right now when it comes to the modeler usability wise.

- Snippets not being able to receive multiple parameters, and also not being able to put placeholders in them that can be left open for another component or snippet.

- Nanoflows only accepting one parameter in custom widgets.