Custom login page styling is not displayed in hybrid app

We recently upgraded from Mendix 6 to Mendix 7 and we are using our custom login page from when we were using Mendix 6.  We are getting the custom styling on the login page to display correctly on the browser version but not in our hybrid app.  Is there a modification that we need to make for Mendix 7 to ensure that the custom styling of the hybrid app’s login page is showing correctly?  It’s seems as if it cannot locate our custom login css file.  The first photo is the way it is displayed in a mobile browser and the second photo is the way it is displayed in the hybrid app.  (I did build a new version of the hybrid app from adobe phonegap build).  Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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The hybrid app loads CSS references differently than on desktop (and possibly from how it was done with Mendix 6… I’m not 100% certain). In your project’s theme folder, there should be a file called components.json. The hybrid app uses this file to know which CSS files to load. If you have a custom file outside of the normal project theme, you should add it to the list of css files in this components.json file.


Reference document:


In Mx7 you can create the login screens from within Studio Pro so you would not need the custom login screen anymore. Did you already tried that?