onChange-event for listen-to-dataview

I have a master-detail page. The master-DataGrid shows a list of objects, single-select. The detail is a "listen-to"-DataView showing details of the object that is selected in the master-DataGrid. Upon selecting a different object by clicking another object in the master-DataGrid, I need to trigger a nanoflow. How can I do that? I tried to set onChange-events on the attributes in the details DataView, but they only fire when changing the value directly. They do not fire upon getting an entirely different object. I also tried the entity-events but these also do not fire, as to be expected. Might try to set attach an onChange-event upon doc-ready, but is there a more elegant solution? *Edited* solution: No event available but worked around it by using a microflow-timer calling a nanoflow calling a javascript that selects the iframe-tag and modifies the src-property (if changed), the shown picture is also runtime-changeable. See examlpe at mydemoversion8-sandbox.mxapps.io/p/webcam function JaA_IfOtherStreamThenSetStream(webcamurl) { // BEGIN USER CODE var videoIframe = document.querySelector(".mx-name-audioVideoPlaybackEmbedVariable iframe"); if (videoIframe.src != webcamurl) { (videoIframe.src = webcamurl); } // END USER CODE }  
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You can try and put the microflowtimer widget in the dataview. It also allows executing nanoflows. Just make sure to enable the "run once" boolean.