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Hello, When I exceed users limit in free licence app I get a message pop-up with the text:  [No translation]  Any clue how I can change this text? I mean I want something more user friendly or at least with some sense. I not sure if it’s a bug as I was expecting to see the message : The current license does not allow more users to sign in. that is present in System texts. I leave the app in English USA as default when creating from Blank. My users are all anonymous type.  I try to find this in System texts in Project level but with no success, I also try to translate to another language but I don’t see any empty value or similar thing, both modeler and excel export.  Additional I don’t get any message in console for this “refused access.” Is because of my log level maybe, I can’t get it. FYI: I’m using 7.23.7 but is not in the list now
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Since last week we are having the same problem.

I’m not sure if this is about exceeding the user limit because everything works fine on almost any machine but just a handful of them running Edge.

Chrome works fine and, as Marco said, running incognito on those same machines works.




I have the same. This is what I learned. The error will not occur when logging in using the Incognito window. It will not go away when hitting refresh.  The error will disappear when trying to debug using the Chrome Developer tool.


Go make it.