How to set up two dropdowns within one entity path and selecting different players?

Hi all, I'm working on a Mendix table tennis app for our office. One of my entities is Matches. When I create a new match, I want to select one of the players from the database ('’Player name'’ in the entity: Players). I have tried multiple things but I can't get it done.  Current settings: When I open the app now, I can select a player 1 and if i'm filling in Brian, player 2 is automatically filled in with Brian as well. My domain model looks like this: I understand that I'm using the same entity path, but is there a way that I can use players from the same entity path but select different players?  At the end, I want to create a ranking table with player stats with only one playername.  When I create a seperate Player name 1 and Player name 2, i'ts not possible to have accurate player stats because players have not only 1 playername, but can have Player name 1 and Player name. I'm hoping that somebody can help me! Thanks already  
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Hi Patrick,


You could create 2 associations between Matches and Players e.g. Matches_PlayersHome and Matches_PlayersAway. You can now use a reference selector for each association.

If you do so, you won't need the playersnames in the Matches entity anymore.


Good luck!


Kind regards,

Martijn Hingstman


Hi Patrick,


Right now you are using the same association ‘Matches_Players/Player/Playername’  for both names, while also having only a 1-* association between players and matches. This mean that you are only able to set 1 player per match. That’s why when you select Brian, the other player will be filled with Brian as well.


Now to solve this you could make the association ‘Matches_Players’ a *-* association instead of a 1-* association.  Thenm you would need to use a reference set selector instead as well

However, I’m not sure if this will work with the impedements you have, but i hope it works out for you.