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Hi Team, I’m newbie in Mendix and has been working on validation of controls. Here are issues that I’m facing during validation: I’m unable to setup multiple messages for multiple validation of a single control. E.g. Let’s say, I have text box where user will input the email. I need to show two messages sepeatly. If user enter no email, then required message, if wrong pattern then message should be enter proper email. But right now, I have not found any option to do this in mendix. When Validation message appears, it’s not disappear until user correct the issue. Can you please let me know how can I hide error message after some time, or explicitly. How to add validation when user press the save button, right now It’s appearing on microflow as well. So, can you please let me know how to disable controls validation on microflow   Thanks
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You should do your validation in a microflow (There is a validation message action). Within your microflow you can apply any logic you need and you can easily differentiate between different messages.

When the user hits save, your microflow should do the validation, and only commit the object if everything is valid. If not, it can just show the validation messages.

I am sure that this is explained in some learning paths. I would highly recommend to work through them. They are really good.


Check out the ‘Validation in microflows’ section in the rapid application developer learning path. It covers everything you’ve asked about I think. Here is the direct link to the section