Responsive app doesnt go smaller than 600px

I have an app created with the responsive layout, but for some reason it doesn't resize smaller beyond 600 px, which is what I do want to happen so it's fully responsive accross mobile devices as well. (bigger screens cause no issue) I can't find anywhere it could've possibly been set as a default within Mendix or CSS. I was wondering if somebody has seen anything like this and knows how to combat this.
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Hi Danique,

There should be a class or custom class applied to your page, layout or container etc. which will have some media queries. Find that class name and search for it in your SASS / CSS files to check and update the styles. You can also find what class / styles are applied by inspecting elements in google chrome, once you find them you can make changes to your SASS / CSS accordingly. If there is no class found then you can create your own with media queries styles and apply that to your element. It is also worth checking _variable.scss and custom-variables.scss files to find default media queries breakpoints.  


Hope this helps!


I think its your graph.

delete it, and see if your page goes responsive.

(I think the graphs have styling that dont work well with responsiveness)