Browser default Navigation not working with the application.

Hi, I am facing issue with the default browser navigation (Buttons on the top left of any browser) : So here is the scenario : User is on page 1 » click on link and went to page 2  » Then user click on browser Default navigation button (<-)  User is directed page 1 and its loads its content also, but on this page when the user is trying to click on any button its not calling any micro-flow or in simple words the page does not have any contact with the application. I tried using debugger but its not calling anything and hence any clickable item on that page is not accessible. Anyone faced the similar issue please help me. Thanks in Advance  
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There was a similar question on the forum 2 days ago, there may be some info in it thats useful to you?

Also: when the user returns to page 1 after pressing the browser back button, can you see if the object still exists? For instance, if there is a ‘Description’ attribute that is displayed on page 1 and filled initially, can you still see that value?