List view refresh bug

I have a list view that shows 20 objects (A) on a page and could potentially have up to 100 associated objects (5 pages). These objects will then have their own associated objects (B), ranging from 10-80 objects each.  Basically, a lot of objects could potentially be shown at any one time. I then have a button (select all) per list view item (A), that changes all of the associated objects (B) and refreshes them. This then changes the class on the objects (B) and changes their styling. The problem I have due to this, is if I load another list view page using load more, and then use this button to change all the objects’ classes on that newly opened page, the page refreshes as well closing all the list view pages. So if i open all the pages and am viewing all 100 objects, then press the button, the page refreshes and I would have to open all the pages again to get to the objects I just changed. A minor problem, but users are experiencing this refresh regularly and I can’t figure out how to avoid it.  
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Hi Harry, I had a similar problem in the past, but was able to fix it by using a nanoflow and only refresh the objects that need to be refreshed(so you don't trigger your listview to refresh).  Maybe this will also solve your problem.


Hello Harry,

If upgrading to get nanoflows isn’t an option, you can try to update fields through js using a js button.

Hope this helps.