Copy data (CTRL+C) in browser not possible

Hi, in the browser frontend of my Mendix app, the users want to be able to copy some data or numbers they see in the frontend. However, when I retrieve data from a microflow, data in the frontend can not be copied. In contrast, data which is simply in a dataview can be copied by frontend users. Is there a way to fix this?  Thank you
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Good morning,

I tried to reproduce your scenario but in my case it IS possible to copy the data that is shown in the listview that is retrieved by a microflow. I also used the same ‘editable’ settings.

Are you able to select the text you want to copy? Or does that also not work?

I also suspect that this might have something to do with styling. Why don’t you remove all containers and layoutgrids and try if it works then.




Sure – here are some details.

This is my page in the modeler:


The “XXX” can be copied in the frontend, “ZZZ” not. 

This is the data view: 

and within the data view, I retrieve data with a MF: