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Hello, I started working with Mendix last week and I want to implement some custom css.  However, according to Mendix docs i’d have to install 4 things (see following link)  3 questions: - Do I actually need to install all this in order to write custom css? - Can I write css if I install all this (or only sass)? - Is there another (easier) way to implement custom css.  
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Hello Jannes,

The guide is for SASS, that’s what you need to build SASS. 

But fundamentally you can just use CSS by itself if you’re having issues setting up SASS or are uncomfortable with it. You’re going to have a custom CSS file in you project’s theme/css folder which you can edit.

I’d personally suggest setting up SASS as it’s got a quite a few advantages over core CSS.

If you decide to ignore all the warnings and edit CSS directly, you should remove all SASS functionality and set up your own CSS structure.

Hope this helps.


just install calypso and your good to go.

old blog, but idea is the same (although calypso does a lot)


Where can i refer to both main.css and custom.css?
- The index.html contains this in the header: {{themecss}}
- The login.html contains the same 
- There is also a settings.json containing: "cssFiles": ["styles/web/css/main.css"], "designProperties": { ……..
- And there is a javascript file called styles.js containing the following:

And, how can i make sure custom.css overrules the main.css?