Log out from Mendix app AND custom IdP (AD)

We have a Mendix application, hosted on Cloud Foundry. To access the app, the end-user has to authenticate himself through a Microsoft Azure Cloud AD. With the SAML2.0 module: this works. However, at this point: the user is logged in in the AD AND in the Mendix app, which is good. When the end-user wants to log out, we need to be able to log out the user AND from the Mendix-app (for example, Java action ‘Sign out’) AND from the custom IdP (AD): redirect URL /SSO/logout. Both work seperately, but we can not log a user out of the application and out of the AD at the same time. Then we tried the Widget ‘URL redirector’. I don’t know about you guys, but the URL redirector should work on template-level. However, the URL redirector only works in a datagrid/list view. I read the documentation, I understand why, but this also means that the URL redirector won’t work in my page-templates used throughout the app. And I can’t sell a logout-button in the middle of the data views in the app. As an alternative, I tried the Clickable Container. This works, it signs me out of the custom IdP, but it is almost impossible to style it. Adding a button in the clickable container or something like that, only makes it not work … Does anybody have a “best practice” or can anyone share experience on how they log in-log out from their Mendix app in the app AND in the custom IdP (AD) with the ability to have it user friendly? Thanks a lot!
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If you use navigation profiles for navigating through the app.
You can create a page called logout with the URL Redirector and add this page to your navigation items.

As for the SAML logout, you need to make sure that your SAML IDP has a Single logout service included in their metadata. 
See for example, https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19461-01/819-7664/6n9ji525r/index.html