drop down search not working in mendix for xpath datasource

I am wondering if the dropdown search can be implemented on a string attribte coming from an Xpath datasource to a grid. When I add this search field, I do get a drop-down with all possible value, but upon hitting ‘Search’ nothing changes and keeps the grid as is.   Same dilemma is on the usability of Range search. If say a user wants to search and load all the records in the grid between the ActivityDate of 1/1/18 to 12/31/2019 then how can Mendix app allow user to make date range selection and then pull the correct records based on that selection.
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Im fairly new to Mendix, but can't you simply use a microflow?

  1. Type in the restrictions in a textbox
  1. When submitting the restrictions (= search-button), call a microflow
  2. Do a retrieve list in the microflow and filter the list using the parameter which contains the restrictions
  3. and finaly show the list


I hope i understood it correctly. Like i said, i’m fairly new to Mendix.