Table Column Height

I’m trying to use a Table to create a symmetrical layout to replicate a spreadsheet.  Does anyone know how to compress the height of a column in a table?  I want to make the columns a little thinner
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The answer is in this case with ccs:

It depends a bit on what you exactly would like to make thinner. If you are using a table you can for example alter the padding of the table cells or rows. In the Variables.scss Mendix has by default the option to set the following:

//== Tables
//## Table spacing options (used in components/tables)

$padding-table-cell-top:                8px !default;
$padding-table-cell-bottom:             8px !default;
$padding-table-cell-left:               8px !default;
$padding-table-cell-right:              8px !default;

This will edit the padding for all tables used in your app.

You could also create a specific class for the table to be able to edit just this table. In this class you could edit: > tbody > tr > td

Finally using a lay-out grid and putting the input fields inside of it might be a better option.


Thanks for the response.  I chose not to use the table widget because it has a lot of padding around it.  I wanted to have more flexibility for spacing and alignment of the text boxes.  Also I wanted to change the look of the textbox’s.  So I end up using visual studio with Calypso.  Modified the spacing for the label + text boxes, and then changed the look of the text boxes.  It works quite well and I’m pretty much able to do what I want.  By right clicking on the text boxes in chrome and then do an inspect I was able to do what I wanted.