Quick key for select all in a data grid?

Hi there, I know there was at one point an idea to make a list in the documentation of quick keys that can be used in mendix applications, but I don't think it was ever realised.  I know a couple like: Shift + arrow key while having a record selected in a mendix grid allows you to go to former or next page/paging of the grid Ctrl + mouseclick in a multi select grid to select multiple records But I am looking for a quick key combination that selects all records in the current grid, does anyone know if that quick key exists? (ctrl + A just selects all text on the page unfortunately )
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Have you tried this widget: https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/111677/  to trigger a Select All button on the grid with keystrokes?



The only shortcut keys that Mendix uses are part of StudioPro, during editing, but not for during usage of the application.

You can create the shortcut by for yourself by adding a class to a datagrid’s SelectAll-button

and adding a javascript to the page that adds a function to every DOM-object having that class. What you need that javascript to do to select all lines of the datagrid … I don’t know.