Study Survey: Artificial Intelligence (Win one of the five 20 €/$ Amazon Gift Cards!)

Ho Ho Ho Mendix maker!   Merry Christmas to you all! I am currently writing my master thesis about Artificial Intelligence, specifically:   ·      The general attitude towards Artificial Intelligence. ·      Artificial Intelligence used for low-code development.   Filling in the survey will approximately take 3 minutes. I will raffle five 20 €/$ Amazon Gift Cards among people who respond to the survey, it is almost Christmas after all! The link depicted below will redirect you to the survey:   Please note that this is an anonymous survey and that your answers will be treated confidentially.   The results of the survey will be used for my research and if you participate you will help me graduating. I really appreciate your time!   Thanks in advanced and kind regards, Joep
2 answers

Hi Joep, I filled in your survey. I think it would be good to ask respondents about their Mendix level (rapid/advanced/expert) because I think that influences the use or experience of Mendix Assist greatly (and your answers). I don't use Mendix Assist because I know what I want to do and usually the blue dots annoy me more than help me out. That doesn't mean that I don't see the advantages of Assist and its use for less experienced developers, especially for learning purposes.


I think you should check the URL. It points me to slack not to surveymonkey.