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Hello all, I have an application which is something like this: An employee of the organization – in current case, the HR, logs into the system and has a lot of options on landing page – example, viewing own profile, editing own profile. create profiles for interviews in order to automate the interview process view list of profiles created.    From the list of profiles page, if the HR clicks on any name, it should redirect to the candidate’s profile page. My question is, how to retain the HR employee’s profile and the selected candidate profile and then redirect to the page? All pages have the logged in employee’s environment. So, the page has an outer data view with Employee as page parameter. In this data view, there are multiple data views based on functionality. How do I pass the employee page parameter and the clicked candidate’s ID to fetch that profile from database?   Hope I have explained my situation clearly…. the question may seem trivial, but am lost!
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I am not sure if I can follow your whole scenario, but you need to make sure you are able to pass parameters to the views or maybe you can use inpersistent helper objects.


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I feel like you have 2 options here, depending on the context:

  1. In case the HR employee object is the currently logged in user, you could have the candidate (profile) as your page parameter and use a data view with a microflow as source retrieving the current users profile.
  2. In case you have two objects you want to show on your page you could use Gerrits suggestion. Which is when you open your page using a microflow that creates a non-persistent object which has two associations for the profiles you want to show. When you use this non-persistent object as your page parameter, you're able to retrieve both the profiles using the associations from the non-persistent object. If you don't know what persistency means regarding entities, check out

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