How to keep the DeepLink URL once the microflow opens a page?

I’m using the DeepLink module to show a specific page opened by a microflow and would like the DeepLink URL to stay when the page loads so that end users can copy that URL and come back to the same page if desired. I see this is what happens on You click on any question and what I’m assuming to be its DeepLink URL because of the ‘/link’ path (an example is this question  stays the same when the page loads. But when I load a page in my microflow, called from the DeepLink module, the URL changes either to the my theme’s home page (in my case ‘index.html’) or the page’s URL property depending on if I have that property set or not. I’m using the Show Page microflow activity to show the page. How to keep the DeepLink URL once the microflow opens a page?
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Hi Paul,

If it is not a deeplink you can also use the properties of pages to set a specific url, this is native to the platform.

In the case of a deeplink I would suggest the answer of Ronald as well, store it in an object and use this widget:  to display it in the address bar.


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I assume you show a page with a dataview? Then before opening you could store the deeplink URL inside that object and just show it somewhere on the page you are showing. This way the user can still copy the link and bookmark that link.