Anonymous users default language in Mx 8

After migrating our app to Mx 8.6.3 from 7.23.3 we noticed that our anonymous users suddenly had us_en as default language compared to dutch in mx 7. We have Dutch configured as default language so we would expect our anonymous users to have Dutch as default as well. Did the behaviour for default language change and if so can we influence this now? Edit1:  After reading through the relese notes i came across the following ‘improvement’ “For native mobile apps, anonymous users are now localized using the user’s OS language instead of the app project’s default language. If the user’s OS language is not recognized or not configured in the Project Settings, the project’s default language will be used.” Could it perhaps be that this also applies to all apps and not just native mobile apps? Since we have no native profile, but i do have my OS settings set to us_en.
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Your own answer seems a plausible option. Test is by changing your OS settings to nl_nl and see what happens. Let us know the results.