Close page reacts slow

I have a 'home page' containing a tab container with on each tab a listview with for each item some random content like tooltips, progress circle widget, data, buttons and (conditional) images. The lists are being filtered by subwidgets from the listview controls widget. The initial load for this page takes some time (like 2-3) seconds which is fine.  From each list item the user is able to click to a more detailed page for the item to see the workflow progress and different dashboard like features.  Now the problem I have is that when the detail page is being closed, it takes a lot of the time for the initial homepage to come back (like 3-4 seconds). It seems like it takes longer than the initial load, even though the page has been loaded before. When I choose to reload the initial homepage, the user loses any filters set on the homepage, so this is not an option. I want the page to close so that the user can go back to the overview and select a different item, but in my opinion this takes way too long. Also the progress bar only appears after some seconds, so the user does not have any idea if anything is happening for the first couple of seconds.  What actions are connected to the close action here? It causes a bad user experience. If the detail page would be a popup, the close action would be much faster, so I am really wondering what is actually happening here. Any help is appreciated :) 
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Hi Ruud,

Have a look in the developer tools of your browser, see what network request are going over the line. This might give you some insight what happens. 

Did you try a difference on cancel or close page, close with a NF or MF?