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IoT timeseries representation


We use a lot of data we extract with a REST calls from a big data store.

That data comes in as a JSON. We are using Google Charts to represent the data.

But we have to spend a lot of time (coding and processing) parsing the JSON to a Google Charts format. 

Is there a Chart utility that I can use that will use a 'normal' JSON format to display a line. from a time-series using date/time scale. Or can Mendix create or improve the currnet Chart widget to do that.


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have you tried any chart?


Hi Mark,

Is this a request for charts or for a more friendly way of transforming  JSON data?

The chart widget does support REST call for data to internal and external services. But it requires structure that is matching the expected chart structure, but does not support conversion or mappings.

Cheers, Andries



Try timeseries in charts :-)