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On change event on image upload


Usecase we have: we want to trigger a microflow after an image is uploaden with the image uploader widget. Doesn't seem like there is an option to do this now. The only possible way now is to put the image uploader on a popup with a save button. But this will be a weird extra step for the user on the mobile app we are building.

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In theory, the Events(Mendix Marketplace - Events) widget should work on context modification. However, in version 1.0.1, I couldn't get it to work with the file manager—nothing happens after the upload. I ended up using the File/Image upload Onchange widget by Kobeon. (Mendix Marketplace - File/Image Upload Onchange)

This strongly resembles the need mentioned here : Mendix Community - Question Details

You can know use a File fropper widget : Mendix Community - Question Details


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