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Concatenated string widget


A lot of developers ask me why they have to create a microflow to concatenate strings into one string and put it in an attribute to be able to show it in a dropdown.

These developers are ‘used’ to an easier way. They were able to easily create a concatenated string that did not need to be in an attribute.
In Mendix we need an attribute and preferably a stored one.
My idea is to have a concatenated string (dropdown) widget. 

In this widget is should be possible to add multiple attributes to show as 1 attribute value in a dropdown for example, but we should not have to store the data in a separate (concatenated-)attribute and we should not have to create logic with a microflow.

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A native option to use input parameters for the displayed value would be nice. Just like the textbox label caption options, where you can use attributes in a template, i.e.  {1} – {2}. For dropdown and reference selectors this would be really nice!


Being able to layout the input strings would also be a nice upgrade of the idea,

so you can use the LayoutGrid look and feel to show the data.

E.g. setting a key and a description to 4:8 layout could look nice in a dropdown. 


Generating the caption using a nanoflow would also be a nice option.