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Creating headers for a list view


It would be nice to have an option in the list view widgets to create headers for the items in the list (based on layout grid) so that your search bar isn’t in between your headers and results and the whitespace is aligned
Current situation: (see img)

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Thanks for all the feedback, will be doing it that way for now but the small misalignment and format differences between the headersort, normal text header and list items text just make it seem a bit clunky (and it can also break the ui when resizing the window)

Edit: Oh and also upvoted the thread Jason mentioned


I would also go for the option that Tim mentioned, in combination with the headersort widget from ListView controls.
With those two controls (HeaderSort and TextBox Search) you can built exactly what you want.



1. use a data grid, put edit and delete in a screen when you click on a line

2. use a table, and a table in a listview

3. vote on this topic


I'd skip the default search options for a listview and use ‘Text box search’ widget from Listview controls.