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Custom widget UI: Conditionally visible properties



when developing a custom widget, it would be very helpfull to enable case sensitive properties visibility based on a previous selected enumeration value.

Use case:

Based on a properties enumerationValue, dependent following properties have to be populated (required = true) to get the correct result. Each enumerationValue has different dependent following properties. If the dependent (and only this “dependent”) properties are not completely populated, the result will be incorrect. Additionally it’s a usability matter to avoid errors, unnecessay population of fields and to ensure quality. 

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Indeed, including functionality to make case-sensitive properties visible depending on the previous selected enum value would be very useful. This would allow you to more effectively manage the population of dependent properties and prevent possible data errors, ensuring higher quality and usability of your widget. The proposal seems logical and important to ensure the functionality and usability of your widget.



Is this already available ?



Anahit Pahlevanyan