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CKEditor Version 5 in Mendix


I would love to see the new sexy CKEditor 5 in Mendix. Also I’m hoping a few issues we are facing with version 4 will be solved with the new editor.

Would be really neat if you could switch Editor Layout from Standard to Document too.

WYSIWYG collaborative editing.

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Optionally the license code could be added in the widget if required.


Although I am not a lawyer, I have made many Mendix applications which are not SaaS applications. They are custom made for a single customer and definitely not marketed ‘as a Service’.


Hmm, just been reading the FAQ.
If you are working on a SaaS project, creating a commercial application or just need more flexibility, you can purchase a commercial license that allows special license terms and dedicated support.

If I read this correctly it seems to me that each Mendix project (=SaaS) would need a commercial license

Or am I reading this wrong?