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CustomString Replacement


I am very fond of the “CustomString” widget in the app store. It seems this widget will be deprecated in version 10 or a future release? Please provide an alternative such that, when I have a microflow that outputs a summary value, I can output that summary value WITHOUT ANY CONTEXT ENTITY. The critical piece is in caps. Thank you!

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Hi SL,

Mendix 8 has text, that can use template removing the need for custom string in many cases. Besides that there is Format string widget that is supported, and the HTML snippet. Other options, is to use NF to set a attribute. or use Virtual attribute.

And of course you can open a pull request on GitHub to fix the deprecation.

Just checked, lucky there is PR open to fix the deprecation warning.

Now we have find a way to make the ‘community’ widget released with the fix.

Cheers, Andries