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Inputmask for DatePicker


The default Mendix datepicker is a great way to visually select a date, but not always the best way. For example, when selecting your birthday, you'd be much faster just typing it, then having to click all the way to your birthyear etc.

While it currently is possible to type in the date in the datepicker, you have to manually add the dashes or slashes in the date format.

For a user, it would be much better, if he could just type 04121985 for example, and Mendix automatically creates the correct date format 04-12-1985.

Now this is possible with an input mask, but this is only available on text boxes. So you’d have to create a 2nd date string helper attribute, to input the date with an input mask, and manually convert the date string to an actual date. While this works, the downside than is (besides needing the 2nd helper attribute), you cannot use the datepicker anymore, eventhough this sometimes is still the fastest way to select a date. This might also be dependent on the users own preference.

For a consistent user experience, I want the user to be able to fill in the date by typing with an input mask, or by selecting it from the datepicker.

So please add the option for an input mask to the datepicker!

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