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Clean up File Dropper widget


We’re using the File Dropper widget created by Mendix. In terms of user experience we would you to consider the following points:

  1. After uploading, the confirmation of each file remains visible in a large block on the screen. This really makes a mess of most screens and there is no option in the widget to disable or hide this.
  2. After uploading, the confirmations are visible. If I want to remove these confirmation the instinct reaction is to click the ‘X’ in the top right corner. This apparently DELETES the attachment…. without warning….. without refresh.
    1. Without warning: this is very frustrating to users as they are expecting to have uploaded something and just clicking away an annoying message. Suddenly the file is gone too.
    2. Without refresh: when showing all attachments in a nice little list view, after deleting (using the widget) suddenly some of my attachment lines are disabled. They are still there, though. If I delete something I would very much like it to be gone.


With the ton of settings that are available for this widget, it really is a shame that these things are not part of any of these.

And the only reason we’re using this widget is because we were forced to. The original one from FlowFabric, that matched our needs, suddenly does not work in anymore in 8.7.0 (8.5.0 was no problem).


P.S.: With the update from 24th March 2020 there is a comment “As this widget is used for Siemens Apollo, we decided to replace the success color”. This is a public app store widget by Mendix. This is a very unusual comment to add to a public app store item.

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Thanks Sjors!


Hi Tiko,

I've had this requirement too.

You can use CSS to hide the default grey bars with delete buttons when your using a listview or gallery widget to show your uploaded files. Addclass ‘filedropper-hide-saved’ on your file dropper widget in Studio Pro and below to your stylesheet:


//When uploading files on with Filedropper, prevent 'duplicate' UI elements and hide default saved items if you are alreay displaying them using Gallery widget or list view
.filedropper-hide-saved {
    .filedropper__item--state_saved {
      display: none



Hi Jelte, 

I have the same request as Ronald. The problem with the delete buttons is that we have the widget located on the parent object and the delete buttons are actualy overlapping the document objects that we create when the files are uploaded. We would prefer our user to use the buttons we have to manage (delete/edit/download/etc) uploaded documents. As it stands we are forced to use the buttons of the widget and change the design of our page.  (for example to show the widget on a ‘add documents pop-up’ that we close when uploading is finished. 


I've added a screenshot screenshot where you can see that if we didn't have the automatically added delete buttons it would be working perfectly :)






I wasn't aware there was an item open for the FileDropper, this is the first time I am seeing this type of feedback.

I'd like to introduce myself as the developer of this widget, which is used more and more by people. I'll have a look at your feedback. Some I think is valid (especially the one regarding deleting, that's confusing), some I struggle with. The part of the confirmation I do not agree with, as this is part of the widget.

You upload files and want to see those in a list. Since you are the one that uploads these files, you should also have the ability to delete them. That's why they stay in a list, until you move away from the page. Any good UX-/Frontend-developer in your team can also easily hide the uploaded file with CSS, because the box gets another class. So that 'fixes' your problem.

Regarding the comment about the update: This widget was initially created for a Siemens package and it was decided to make this available for the whole community. This is purely an informative message regarding updates (as I always do with my updates) and might shed some light on any changes.

As this widget is free and open-source, licensed as MIT, you are free to create/edit/release your own version of this widget. You can find the source-code here:


Hi Ronald, this is indeed something on our roadmap. However, we first need to do some architecture changes to have the solution we envision, which is simple to use, but also very flexible from a UI/UX perspective


Hi Danny,


In that case (this being the support section for the platform) can I suggest a platform supported version of a drag-and-drop widget? 


Hi Ronald,

This is a community supported widget, not a platform supported widget, therefore the support also lies with the developer/community