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Use of any parent object in a data widget with XPath as data source


Now we can only use the '[%CurrentObject%]' in a data widget with XPath as data source. It would be great if we could use any of the parent objects with it's attributes.

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You have my vote. if we could target different data as $dataview1 or $dataview2 instead of  [%CurrentObject%], complex list filtering behavior would become much easier and/or datasource microflows can be replaced.

It possible, the Xpath query should also allow to use data(view) attributes instead of only the objects e.g. 

[TargetEntity/TargetEntity_SomeAssociatedEntity = $dataview1]

[AttributeOfTargetEntity = $dataview2/SomeOtherAttribute]


Thanks you for your response!

It's not exactly what I was aiming at. It is still not possible to use a different object than the '[%CurrentObject%]' in for example a Data Grid with XPath as data source. 


Mx8.8 might have delivered what you want. Check this in the release notes:

Simplified Page Modeling

As you know, a data widget (for example, a data view) introduces a context for the widgets it contains. Inside a data widget, you can put widgets that can show or edit the values of the context object.

However, when you build a more complex UI, you often need to nest multiple data widgets. This posed an unfortunate limitation: input widgets could edit an object only of its direct data container.

With this release, we’re happy to say that we will no longer limit your creativity in this way! Now, an input widget can edit an object of any of its parents’ data widgets. No strings attached.