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Charts widget Base64 output in attribute


In the ChartJS widget there is the option to store the Base64 output of a chart in an attribute. 

In the recommended Charts widget, this option is not available. But instead Mendix advises in a How-to the use of the Plotly Image REST API.
I try to prevent the use of third party APIs as much as possible. So I did some investigation and it seems that the Plotly JS library provides also an option (toImage) to provide a base64 output of a chart.

So Mendix, please implement this feature so we don’t need to use ChartJS or a third party API to render the desired image.

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Tried data: [ { "x": [ 9, 3, 10 ], "y": ["hello", "mon", "coco"], "type": "bar", "marker": {"color": "rgb(227, 119, 194)" } } ] and got it.


Hi Jeffrey , I have tried plotly REST api to get Image for the graph. I could get line graph as per the How-to you mentioned. What are the option to get other chart types (Bar, Pie etc.) through REST service. Can you please help me in this.



Suresh K