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New feature request:Application Level Variables


Hi Team,

I would like to make a new feature request of widget : Application Variables(Which can be accessed across modules, available in pages and microflows etc)

As of now we don't have widget application level variables. We have constants which can be accessed from pages but there is not much scope to assign runtime value to it as it only accepts hard coded initial value.

Need: Many times during development we need a calculated value/ a value which can change over some business conditions, the value is needed on pages to decide visibility /editability of an attribute/button etc. For now only choice we have to achieve this is creating persistent/non persistent entity and mapping it with data widgets to make it available on pages, but this is more like a workaround and many things needed just to achieve fetching value of that one attribute.

So like Constants, if we have application level variables which get access across modules in all widgets would work wonder in many real time business scenarios.


Vaishali Karkhile-Pathare

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